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"Nyilah's music is hip and meaningful with a fantastic beat and has the potential to impact the CHR/Top 40 charts in the US. I can tell you from all my years in the music business it is rare to find an artist that has as much talent, commitment and heart as Nyilah does."
Howard Rosen, Howard Rosen Promotion

"You are a future Grammy winner! Go girl"
Jeffrey Serrette, Billboard Magazine

"Right at the end of the documentary [2Pac4Ever] you'll have a real deep feeling when the very last song 'On The Other Side of the Sky' is played and there is footage simultaneously playing of 'Pac rhyming from a piece of paper. You have to watch it to know what I'm talking about".
Review on Amazon.com of "2Pac4Ever" DVD

"First of all wanna say tha I had tearz in my eyez when I first heard ure song. It was in the docu from KRS One: '2Pac4Ever' .... it's one of the most beautiful songz I have eva heard"
Keyno, Tupac fan

"Reason for my email I was driving to work and one of your songs played on my ipod. I have 6,000 songs on there but yours played with the most spooky timing. The song was 'Better Days' and it was just what I needed to hear for a boost of inspiration."

"Nyilah has been to places creatively, where we can only dream of going."
Blue Johnson, Foundation Magazine, Canada

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