Lyrics - Don't Wanna Lose You

I don't wanna lose ya boy I'm so confused I
think I'm losing my mind
In my imagination there is no complication
everything is so good and so fine

I hear ya leaving town they say you're settling down
Baby I'm so happy for you/ only wish joy for you
In all that you do but somethings been bugging me too
Subconsciously I have had thoughts in my mind
That have taken me by surprise and as hard as I try
I just can't deny the feelings I'm feeling for you

Repeat Chorus

I won't make a promise I know I can't keep
I can't be the girl that I think that you need
And I'm not even sure you want me no more
The signal ya sendings so weak
Every word your saying boy you got me hanging
trying to get a sign get a clue but I'm reaching for stars
we're so far apart in all that we wanna do

Repeat Chorus twice

You got me where you want me
You got me climbing the walls
You got me where you want me
But baby you don't want me no more
I try to deny you but the passions burning bright here inside
You got me where you want me
But baby you don't want me no more

Repeat Chorus out

© Lyrics by Nyilah Ferguson

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