Lyrics - Just Another Number

Just another number in ya little black book
I won't be theres more to me
When ya feeling lonely and ya feeling kinda horny
Don't call me don't call me

I'm not a showtime goodtime anytime kinda girl
I'm not a trophy to behold see I'm living in a different world
You can't play me coz I don't see how ya could be true to me
Its so easy to be sleazy but its not me and I can't be

Repeat Chorus twice

See I gotta lotta loving but you ain't getting nuttin – bless ya soul
My name ain't Messalina and I don't wanna be a
Number on ya phone
Lost in a fools paradise
Ya living away from the light – open up your eyes
What ya searching for you won't find
Don't mean to pry but I'm hearing ya soul's heart cry
I think its time you be changing your line

Repeat chorus twice

He's a wam bam thank you mam kinda of a guy
Looking for a different girl to love every night
He's a low down cheating guy
With a cute sexy smile and a twinkle in his eye
But still I just can't be no
I can't be just just another number not me no
No just another number I can't be

Repeat chorus twice

No no don't you call me
No no don't you call me
No no don't you call me
No no don't you call me

Repeat chorus twice

© Lyrics by Nyilah Ferguson

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