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"Nyilah's music is hip and meaningful with a fantastic beat and has the potential to impact the CHR/Top 40 charts in the US. I can tell you from all my years in the music business it is rare to find an artist that has as much talent, commitment and heart as Nyilah does."
 - Howard Rosen, Howard Rosen Promotion

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With family roots as far afield as India; Nyilah is a vocalist/songwriter in the R&B/urban arena of music - crafting her own unique style of songwriting incorporating elements of her spirituality embellished with sensuality. Her heart-felt, meaningful, lyrics aim to inspire and uplift. She sings with a rich mellifluous voice while the melodious music captures your sense of rhythm to groove along this magical journey of Nyilah's.

Nyilah continues to write and collaborate with Femi Ojetunde, (writer/producer, who has worked with the likes of Quincy Jones, TQ and Tupac).

Nyilah's song "On the Other Side of the Sky" is in a film documentary about the life of Tupac "2Pac4Ever". "A blessing and an honour for me as I originally wrote this song in memory of the late multi-talented and blessed soul we know as Tupac Shakur*" Nyilah. *formerly known as Caprice Sheridan

"Right at the end of the documentary [2Pac4Ever] you'll have a real deep feeling when the very last song 'On The Other Side of the Sky' is played and there is footage simultaneously playing of 'Pac rhyming from a piece of paper. You have to watch it to know what I'm talking about".
                          - Review on Amazon.com of "2Pac4Ever" DVD

" When I write I feel a Higher Power working through me; inspiring and guiding me in the creative process of songwriting – a true blessing and I give thanks and acknowledgement ... I wanted to share some moments with you when divine intervention most definitely played a part in my creativity!"

Best Day of My Life
I was in LA at the time, feeling a tad disillusioned with life. One morning in my friend's apartment I came across this awesome piece of music which I instantly loved – a real groove that just made me wanna dance … I get a lot of lyrical ideas and melodies while I'm driving around and that afternoon I drove to the top of Mount Washington, to a place of pilgrimage – I spent a few hours at this heavenly oasis – in particular talking with a monk, Br. Bimalananda who is in his 90's and full of vitality, joy, boundless energy and divine love. I left there feeling completely exhilarated and put the music on in the car and immediately wrote the lyrics and melody for "Best Day of My Life" – totally inspired from my time at this magical place with this saintly soul. It turned out that my friend new the guy who wrote the music, Femi Ojetunde and thankfully he loved what I had written to his music and we have continued to write together since then; "Secret of Life" and "Just Another Number" to mention just a few of our songs.

On The Other Side of the Sky
Sitting at my piano on a rainy night in London just jamming around – had the TV on with the sound off – a picture of Tupac came across the screen and I turned up the sound [he had already passed at this time] – the show was making some negative comments about Tupac and though I didn't know too much about his life at the time I knew that he was not the person they were portraying. Your eyes are windows to your soul and sometimes we can look at someone and see much through their eyes – their pain, their sorrow; far beyond whatever outer circumstances may seem to portray otherwise. I felt so sad watching this show and from my sadness I wrote in memory of this blessed soul, Tupac, "On The Other Side of the Sky". May he ever rest in peace. Namaste.



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